Manufacture and Market of Public Telephones

Infopyme manufactures and markets public telephones and telecommunication equipment for the major phone companies around the world.

From the point of view of manufacturing materials, our product portfolio includes terminals for installation in outdoor or indoor environments.

  • The unsupervised terminals, designed to be outside, are made of materials and components with high resistance to vandalism and meterologic phenomena. They offer high level of protection and security for payments.
  • Indoor equipment are generally made of plastic, and are designed for supervised environments.

From the operational point of view, Infopyme provides public telephony solutions to adapt to the traditional telephone network, and equipment with GSM interface to suit the mobile network.

From a functional standpoint, the pieces of equipment have a high degree of personalization and customization to the customer’s needs, which is achieved through the proper design of all elements of the phone and embedded software development.

Main features of operation (depending on model):

  • Payment: coins, banknotes, magnetic stripe or chip cards (with several SAM modules).
  • Internal coin storage to allow adjusted collection.
  • Devices for coin entry protection.
  • Graphic display of up to 5 inches.
  • Mechanical or magnetic hang up.
  • Security locks.
  • Remote downloading of software for firmware updates.
  • Remote management with QPSETM; communications via PSTN, GSM or GPRS.
  • Defined rate based on own tables for pricing periods, numbering plans and services.
  • Alphanumeric keypad to enable SMS or email.
  • Hot-spot wifi functionality.