Management Systems

InfoPyme develops Real Time Management Systems for remote electronic equipment. This software allows the owner to know the status of the telephones/top-up machines, modify its operating parameters, and know the use made of each machine. The QPSETM system is installed in various public telephone operators worldwide.

Our extensive experience of public telephony, in which our management systems monitor and maintain hundreds of thousands of public phones around the world, allows us to address complex and customized projects for each customer.

Main features of management systems and development environments:

  • Client/Server model management systems for HP-UX or Windows operating systems on HP, RISC, Itanium or PC platforms
  • Graphic interfacing developed with PowerBuilder and NET Framework
  • Oracle database (SE, EE, streams), HP-Allbase, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Communications with remote computers via protocols V22bis, V23 / proprietary protocols TCP/IP, ISO 8553 y SMPP
  • Interface adaptation with communication networks like PSTN, GSM, GPRS, Internet (IP) y VPNs (for bank or third-party systems)


 tecnologias sistemas telidia