Manufacture, assembly and repair of public telephones

Infopyme devotes much of its resources to the manufacturing area, which includes manufacturing units and electronic parts, assembly, testing and repair of equipment and systems for public telephony.


fabricacion telefonia publica

Manufacture of electronic units

We have production lines, that can make surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole technology (THT), and tropicalized assembly with selective coating, that allows us to manufacture electronic units for our pieces of equipment. The automatic optical inspection (AOI) and the assisted insertion of components, along with experience in assembly and a verification process by our technical staff, allows us to produce high quality electronic units.
verficiacion equipos


The manufacturing process of our equipment does not end without a final quality inspection of each unit, in order to meet our quality standards, and achieve the expected functionality of our products. The best proof of the high quality of our units is the trust that some of the largest telephone companies in the world give us every day.

Assembly of components

Elements, such as validators, coin carts, card readers, keyboards, cases, metal components and wiring, are assembled by our technical staff. The standardization of many of these elements allows them to be suitable for different products, making the final price of the equipment more affordable.
telefono fabricado infopyme

Equipment Assembly

With all the pieces of the puzzle together, we assemble a finished, personalized product, adjusted to our customer’s needs. Infopyme’s products are distinguished by their high degree of customization in both the outside look, and the inner workings.