Mobile Top Ups and Virtual Products

The mobile top ups and particularly micro-recharges is a booming activity that can bring significant revenue to telephone operators, distributors and participants in the sales channel.

Infopyme, in constant contact with major public telephony and mobile operators, has developed different solutions for recharging balance of cellular and selling virtual products:

  • On one hand, Infopyme has developed solutions to allow recharging from public phones, opening a new line of business for public telephony companies, who can now offer new services to customers.
  • On the other hand, they have also developed specific machines for recharging cellular balance, which incorporate all the technology and experience of Infopyme.

For customers, our top up terminals are a simple and quick way to make small credit recharge of their prepaid cellphones using the coins they have in their pockets, in a simple, wait-less manner.

For retailers, the solution from Infopyme is an efficient way to sell micro recharges, while employees focus their efforts on higher value transactions, as well as an additional source of income through public telephone calls.



Meet some of our top-up products

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